Redbank Communities

Our Vision

Redbank Communities is a dynamic company with a proud history of helping Australians live, grow and thrive with their families in master-planned developments.

Our projects create treasured communities with envious lifestyles that our residents know they can prosper and belong to for generations to come. No matter our resident’s life stage, our communities nurture simple pleasures, like knowing your neighbours, strolling along the boardwalk or enjoying a picnic in one of our many parks.


Redbank Communities create thriving and connected residential communities that are future focused for generations to come. We are a people story more than a property one and thrive on creating quality lifestyle environments where our clients feel like they can prosper and belong.


To create wealth and value for all stakeholders in Redbank Communities whilst establishing connected and thriving communities in desirable locations. We want to enable and promote personal growth while making meaningful connections with the local communities we are part of.

Brand Essence

Redbank Communities is a vibrant company, building memories for generations to come. Our communities are places where the next generation of proud residents, young and old, will live, grow and prosper with their families. We create places where our customers can retreat to the simpler things in life, where they know their neighbours, make new memories and feel like they belong.
Here at Redbank Communities, we pride ourselves in creating thriving and connected residential communities that are future-focused for generations, by delivering quality housing developments that help meet the diverse needs and preferences of the community.
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