Redbank Communities

Mark Regent

Mark commenced his property career as a valuer in both Government and private practice before transitioning into property development in the late 1990’s. Mark has extensive experience in the development of commercial, retail and residential projects and has worked for substantial private developers across NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

As Project Director, Mark has led the Redbank North Richmond development from the outset, driving progress and continued growth over the past 13 years. During that time, Mark has seen over 600 families make their home at Redbank North Richmond. A keen outdoorsman, Mark has always focused on developing a beautiful and open recreational space for Redbank’s residents.

As he spent 20 years as a Registered Property Valuer before making the move into property development, Mark’s role in Team Redbank is big picture thinking, setting the vision and overarching direction for the project. This includes setting the pace for key development points such as the RSL Lifecare Retirement Village and the upcoming Redbank Village Centre. His leadership ensures Redbank continues to be the vibrant and welcoming neighbourhood we see today. His favourite thing about Redbank.

Redbank Communities
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Redbank CommunitiesRedbank CommunitiesRedbank Communities