A place where you know your neighbours

“A thriving and connected community that celebrates our rich heritage, our growing neighbourhood and our shared future.”

Located just an hour’s drive from Sydney’s CBD and situated west of the North Richmond township, Redbank North Richmond offers an inviting atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. This meticulously planned estate is a mere two kilometers from the picturesque Hawkesbury River, providing an ideal home for our esteemed Hawkesbury residents. Spanning over 180 hectares of land, the estate boasts over 85 acres of heritage-protected parklands and waterbodies, offering a harmonious blend of nature and residential living.

“We are creating a place to retreat to the simpler things in life, where people know their neighbours, make new memories and feel like they belong.”

With residents already living onsite, Redbank is a thriving and connected community and we are ready to welcome more Hawkesbury pioneers, who will shape new futures with us.


We are building a connected community that celebrates Redbank’s rich heritage, our growing neighbourhood and our shared future. 

Our distinctive feature lies in our dedicated community team, serving as your direct link to life at Redbank. They stand ready to assist you at every stage, addressing any questions or concerns you may have. With the primary objective of ensuring resident happiness and satisfaction, the Community Team acts as the conduit between residents and the developer.

Always prepared to take action, they are well-equipped to meet your community needs. Whether it’s the process of moving in, connecting with neighbours, or participating in local groups, the team is there to support you.


Mitul Haque, the leader of the Community Team, and Demi Morris, the Community Coordinator, are both Redbank locals frequently visible around the estate, ensuring your community remains a top priority for them. From creating informative videos to organising community events, they actively respond to resident requests, collaborate with local services, and strengthen connections with businesses in the area. 

At Redbank North Richmond, we firmly believe that life is enriched by meaningful friendships. Dedicated to fostering a sense of community, our Community Team actively organises a multitude of opportunities for you to connect with neighbours and discover new hobbies. From the annual Christmas at Redbank Event, The Redbank Winterfest and The Halloween Costume Party to the lively golf days, movie nights, and community BBQs, we curate a diverse array of events ensuring there’s something for everyone within, and bring everyone together in the spirit of community.

Are you a future resident with a question? 

Or an existing resident who needs a hand? Don’t hesitate to get in touch on [email protected] or call 0481 987 370


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